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Exercise and Nutrition Coaching
Reinvented for Busy People.
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What to Expect as an Inner Voice Fitness Client

Inner Voice Fitness provides “concierge-level” expert exercise and nutrition programs and advice to people with demanding schedules. Your personal coach will interact with you daily via phone calls, video chats, emails or text messages; meet with you in-person to assess your performance, show you exercises and keep you motivated; and will monitor your movement through wearable activity trackers (optional).

Although our clients span the country, we have a personal relationship with each of them. This helps set us apart from other fitness and nutrition coaching professionals. 

Once We Get Started

  • We come to you for an in-person meeting so we can get to know you and start building our relationship.
  • At this meeting, we conduct metabolic and fitness measurements to assess your health and fitness, and we analyze the results with you.
  • Collaboratively, we set your goals and establish your exercise and nutrition programs that will set you on the path to achieve your goals.
  • We communicate with you in person, online and via phone or text as often as you want to modify your workouts, assess your diet plans, explain confusing information, motivate and support you – whatever it takes to help you achieve the goals you set.

Inner Voice Fitness provides complete, nearly 24/7 support for every client. As a client, you’ll receive everything we offer …

Comprehensive Metabolic and Fitness Assessments 

Clinical Fitness Assessments are taken in person and repeated periodically to demonstrate your health and fitness improvements over time.  Read More

We’ll measure your resting metabolic rate, body composition, cardiovascular strength and endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and more … with state-of-the-art technology that is typically only available in medical practices.

Expert Fitness and Exercise Coaching With Workouts You Can Perform at Your Convenience 

Inner Voice Fitness provides ongoing fitness programs accessible to you through a smartphone or computer anywhere you go.  Read More

These exercise programs will be specifically designed to achieve your personal goals, and they will include variety to prevent boredom and video demonstrations to ensure proper form and prevent injuries. All of this easily accessed through our website or your smartphone.

We Learn About Your Lifestyle

We want to know you personally so we can make the best recommendations for ways to fit exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle.

Ongoing Nutrition Assessment and Diet Advising 

We start with an initial assessment and setting of personal nutrition, diet and weight management goals. Then we conduct a critical analysis of your diet and energy expenditure habits over time to find areas for improvement and ways to eat healthier to achieve your personal weight and conditioning goals.Read More

You get instant access to our nutrition software via a smartphone, tablet or computer that will allow you to track exactly what you eat, including total calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol and fiber. You can also track water, serving sizes, food groups and glycemic index.

You also have access to our nutrition experts when you need advice and help making the best dietary choices. We work with you to analyze your current diet and set goals, and we teach you how to make healthy diet choices. We are only a phone call, video chat, email or text message away when you have a nutrition question or need assistance understanding a fad diet you just heard about.

Exercise and Healthy Eating Options for People Who Travel

Do you travel regularly? One of our specialties is developing exercise programs and meal planning for people who travel.  Read More

We are your “Inner Voice” on the road. Let Inner Voice Fitness find you a gym, pool, running trail, or workout space near your hotel or meeting destination. We will also find you healthy options for where to eat, no matter where you travel.

Assistance With Exercise Gear, Fitness Clothing and Product Evaluation 

Need some new running shoes or a road bike? Are compression recovery socks right for you?  Read More

Let our experts save you time by doing the research for you. We start by understanding your “gear,” clothing or product needs and requirements. Then we conduct product research and provide you with a product evaluation report detailing purchase options that include advantages and disadvantages. We help narrow down choices and find the best product(s) for you – ultimately saving you valuable time so you can spend it doing other things.

Real-Time Information and Advice 

Receive real-time information and advice on topics pertaining to exercise, nutrition and wellness through a phone call, video chat, email or text. Go ahead and ask us anything. We are here to help you.Read More

We are constantly hearing news about the latest diet trends, new “super foods,” exercise fads and more – and the research is confusing.  One day the leading researchers announce that sit-ups are good for strengthening core muscles, and a few weeks later another study is published that states they lead to cervical damage. How are you to know what to believe?

Let the experts at Inner Voice Fitness be your interpreter of conflicting health, fitness and diet information. We will help you apply the information to your individual situation and keep you abreast of current research that specifically applies to you.

Technology Applied to Exercise and Nutrition 

We use state-of-the-art technology for exercise and nutrition programs that enhance your flexibility. Read More

We know life can be full of surprises, and our software allows us to make “real-time” modifications to your exercise program that you will see instantaneously. If, for some reason, you only have 20 minutes to squeeze in a workout instead of 60 minutes, just send us a message and we’ll send you a revised workout on the spot. We can also outfit you with GPS-enabled training devices that allow Inner Voice Fitness to monitor your progress as you exercise. We can store data for you, track it and provide you with detailed reports to show your improvements and determine where further gains in strength and endurance can be accomplished.

Motivation and Support 

Let’s not forget that even the most disciplined people need a push every once in a while.  Read More

Inner Voice Fitness wants to be in frequent contact with you to hear how you’re doing and to help adjust your exercise and nutrition plans in real time. We know how quickly your schedule can change, and we don’t want that to be a reason for you to miss a workout.


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"My previous training was focused narrowly on cardio and endurance for weekend triathlons. Inner Voice Fitness’ approach to training has truly taken my fitness to a new level."


Our fitness experts have impressive backgrounds in nutrition and fitness training.


Along with in-person sessions, you receive powerful fitness and nutrition apps that help you achieve your goals.
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