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Exercise and Nutrition Coaching
Reinvented for Busy People.
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Our Expertise

Founder/Lead Coach – Josh Henkin, PhD, CSCS

joshhenkinI created Inner Voice Fitness to address a trend that I have seen grow over the past decade while working as a corporate executive and personal trainer:

  1. People are busy and want to get the most out of the time they dedicate to exercise.
  2. Finding healthy ways to eat is more difficult the busier your life gets.
  3. Travel can cause a significant disruption to exercise plans and attempts at healthy eating.
  4. People are constantly hearing conflicting information about diets and exercise routines and want to know what will work for them.
  5. People want to be educated and informed about exercise, nutrition and wellness topics.

Josh Henkin is the founder and lead coach at Inner Voice Fitness. His lifestyle embodies health and wellness, and he has a passion for exercise, health and nutrition that is unmatched by most. Josh played rugby for 20 years at the collegiate, national and international levels. During this time, Josh was working full time and earning advanced degrees in Sports Nutrition and Cell and Molecular Biology. This made him realize the importance of balancing competing life goals while maintaining the fitness of an elite athlete.

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Coach – Marcy Luna, MS

marcyAs an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition Coach, Marcy’s combination of expertise allows her to provide science-backed exercise plans and motivational instruction for her clients. Her guidance and focus breaks the barriers associated with achieving life-enhancing goals. She is passionate, educated, and dedicated to changing people’s lives.

Marcy has delivered one-on-one training, small-group training, and group exercise classes; as well as presented and lectured on the subject of exercise, nutrition, and motivation throughout her 20+ year professional career. She earned her Master’s degree from the George Washington University (Washington DC) in Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Eating Behavior while consulting for a leading firm (Booz Allen Hamilton). She then held the position of Adjunct Professor at the George Washington University, teaching a Health and Wellness Class for students of all majors, while also working as the Fitness Director at a premier Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria, VA.

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Our success comes from building long-term and personal relationships with people just like you.


"My previous training was focused narrowly on cardio and endurance for weekend triathlons. Inner Voice Fitness’ approach to training has truly taken my fitness to a new level."


Along with in-person sessions, you receive powerful fitness and nutrition apps that help you achieve your goals.
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