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Exercise and Nutrition Coaching
Reinvented for Busy People.
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How Our Process Works

A Unique Combination of In-Person and Online Training to Maximize Your Time

Inner Voice Fitness takes a “concierge-like” approach to exercise and nutrition consulting. We redefine the experience and interaction that you will have with your trainer/coach by focusing on your needs, your schedule and your goals. We pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with each client so we can help you achieve and track your goals today and in the future.

Inner Voice Fitness’ “Client First” Way of Doing Business:

Unlike traditional models of personal training, Inner Voice Fitness employs a transformational approach to exercise and nutrition consulting that involves in-person interaction with clients several times per year, plus direct, nearly 24/7 access to us by phone, video chat, email or text message. This hybrid approach, which pairs continuing in-person meetings and telephone/online support and coaching nearly round the clock helps us develop a long-lasting personal relationship with you. This is how we help you achieve your goals, no matter how busy or complicated your life gets.

Technology-Enabled Workouts and Nutrition Planning to Fit Your Schedule

Inner Voice Fitness works with you and your schedule. There are no set times to meet a trainer. Your workout programs are accessible to you every day, anywhere you have Internet access or a smartphone. Just log on to our website from your laptop, smartphone or tablet computer, and you will see your daily or weekly exercise plan. We even have a Smartphone application for one-button access to everything you need. Use the same device to enter in your workout details while you exercise and provide feedback to us on how you felt afterward.

Nutrition and diet analysis software is available to you on your phone and computer with a personalized smartphone application as well. You can easily enter into your preferred device. We work with you to analyze your current diet and set goals, and we educate you on how to make healthy diet choices, whether you are home each night or on the road.

In-Person Meetings for Clinical Measurements and Goal Setting

When you sign on as a client with Inner Voice Fitness, we will set up a face-to-face meeting at a location of your choosing. During this time, we will take a comprehensive battery of baseline metabolic and fitness measurements to assess your health and fitness, and we will analyze the results with you. We take the time to get to know you – your exercise history, any medical conditions you might have, your eating habits, plus your short- and long-term goals.

We will come back and visit you in person at least twice a year to repeat these measurements, calculate your improvements, reassess your goals and focus on any new needs you have. As we learn more about you, we will provide simple tips and lifestyle modifications that you can start doing to burn more calories throughout the day, increase your fitness levels, improve your eating habits and live healthier.

We will help you set goals and make changes. We will be with you every day throughout this process. We are your expert resource for information and your biggest cheerleader. You will see firsthand how quickly we become your “Inner Voice.”

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Why Choose Inner Voice Fitness?


Our success comes from building long-term and personal relationships with people just like you.


Our fitness experts have impressive backgrounds in nutrition and fitness training.


Along with in-person sessions, you receive powerful fitness and nutrition apps that help you achieve your goals.
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