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Reinvented for Busy People.
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Client Stories

Inner Voice Fitness is dedicated to helping busy people find ways to stay healthy, eat right and be fit. We have many satisfied clients who have improved the quality of their lives through our efforts. Read some of the great things they have to say about us …

“I travel a lot for work and found that my travel days made staying on track eating real food a challenge. To compromise I would grab a protein bar, but never felt satisfied and missed getting enough vegetables. Inner Voice Fitness taught me how to maintain my nutrition while on the road, even on my busiest of days. Josh’s expertise in getting the right amount of good nutrition through real food was exactly what I needed. Now I feel satisfied all day, decreased my carbohydrate cravings and feel so much better overall.”

Tori E – Age 39
Business Solution Executive

“My previous training was focused narrowly on cardio and endurance for weekend triathlons. Inner Voice Fitness’ approach to training has truly taken my fitness to a new level. The weekly routines are always intense, and as a result, I’ve experienced increases in my core strength as well as my ability to push past previous limits. The value in a trainer is in pushing you beyond what you think your capabilities are, and Josh has definitely performed.”

Nathan S – Age 38
Defense Contractor

“Josh’s passion for fitness is infectious. Under the guidance of Inner Voice Fitness, I have reached goals I did not think were possible. Josh is extremely committed to those he works with and dedicated to creating individualized plans for success. While I work full time and attend graduate school, Inner Voice Fitness constructs workouts that fit my busy schedule and can be performed almost anywhere. Josh embodies a healthy lifestyle and is enthusiastic about sharing his extensive knowledge to help others do the same.”

Erin O – Age 26
Program Analyst

“I have been working with Josh as a personal coach and fitness trainer for more than four years. Inner Voice Fitness has helped me develop a better awareness of opportunities for improvement both physically and mentally. As somebody recovering from back surgery, I was able to use the exercise routines to help strengthen my core, which allowed me to engage in multiple exercises that used to cause me pain. The workout regimen designed for me allowed me to focus on achievable and measurable goals for physical fitness, and it fit into my busy schedule.

I credit my improved health status to Inner Voice Fitness. Josh is an exceptionally qualified personal coach and trainer for someone who is focused on having a career and family and wants to stay in great shape.”

Jay V – Age 49
Senior Medical Scientist

As a striving young professional, I was quickly introduced to long work hours. But fitness was something that was still important to me. My previous workouts had consisted of exercises I read about on the Internet or saw others doing in the gym. Inner Voice Fitness introduced me to a new way of training. It  combined cardio and strength training, pushing my body to the limit where I saw immediate results. The workouts are easy to fit into to a busy schedule and don’t require you to make it to a gym, unless you want to. Josh’s enthusiasm for fitness is sure to motivate anyone.”

Tim C – Age 24
Program Manager

“Similar to most folks, I have experienced my fair share of fitness failures and disappointments. Before working with Inner Voice Fitness, I faced a continuous struggle of doing too much, not doing enough or not maintaining a proper form during workouts, which completely diminished the value of my efforts and increased the likelihood of suffering an injury. However, thanks to Josh, I was able to learn how to properly work out and, as a result, my workouts are balanced. I now have knowledge and tools necessary to maximize my results, despite my extremely busy work schedule and constant travel. His ability to customize the most challenging exercises to an individual’s fitness level is amazing. At first, I was not a big fan of functional training. But under Josh’s guidance, I managed to make it to the end of the first workout and, over time, incorporate functional training into my weekly routine. In combination with his thoughtful encouragement, Josh’s guidance continues to motivate me to do my best when I exercise in a group setting or when I am working out alone. In short, my workouts are now effective and efficient, which is a necessity due to my extremely busy schedule.”

Lana S – Age 45
Senior Medical Program Analyst


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